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Fill out the form below to reserve your Australian Labradoodle puppy today!

Our Puppy Process

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies stay in our bedroom during their first two to three weeks. During this time they are given pro and prebiotics for a healthy gut along with lots of quiet time with Mama.


On day three, we begin Early Neuro Stimulation (ENS). ENS helps improve cardio- vascular performance (heart rate), produce stronger heart beats and adrenal glands, increase their tolerance to stress and give them a greater resistance to disease.


We also do Early Scent Introduction (ESI) which is designed to enhance their ability to identify and react to different smells. ENS and ESI are continued until they are 16 days old.


At this point they will be moved to a different area of the house and brought outside to a playground area for more introduction of sounds, scents, textural differences and elevation changes for sure-footedness and body awareness and confidence.


Temperament Testing

All our dogs are descendants from top breeding lines originating in Australia. Temperament testing on all puppies are done at 7 weeks of age to ensure proper home placements for each puppy.


By doing temperament testing, it greatly helps to decrease a families need to re-home their puppy due to its temperament not being the best fit for their family and home dynamics.


We combine the test results with our 8 weeks of observations along with the questionnaire to help families choose the best puppy for your family. Providing positive socialization and puppy training will ensure a wonderful family pet as well.

Puppy Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing.

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies cost $3,000 plus Texas sales tax.  We require a non-refundable reservation fee of $500.


The remaining balance is to be paid when puppies are picked up at 8 weeks of age. We accept payment through Good Dog, Venmo, or personal checks for deposits. 


For the remaining balance, we accept checks (at six weeks of age), cash, or Good Dog on pick-up day. 


The pricing above is for "pet" price only.

The cost of a puppy for a breeding dog is $10,000 to $14,000.


Puppy Selection

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are chosen and go home to their forever families at 8 weeks of age. We ask families to narrow their choice to several puppies before pickup. Each family is given a pickup time, in which they are able to choose their puppy according to the order in which the deposits have been received.

More Puppy Photos...

Because who doesn't love staring at cute puppies!
See our Puppies with their Families!

Please keep in mind that the gender and color of expected litter and future litters are out of our hands. Although we will do our very best to match your preferences, this may not always be possible. In the event you are offered a puppy that does not meet your wishes, your deposit can be deferred to the next available litter.  A deferment can only be done twice.


Our Puppies Come With:

  • ​Pedigree

  • Two Year Health Guarantee 

  • Registration

  • Puppy Care Instructions

  • Micro Chipped

  • Veterinarian Health Check

  • Age Appropriate vaccinations

  • De-wormed

  • Puppy Blanket with Litter Mate's Scent

  • Treats

  • One or Two Toys

  • A Lifetime of Support

We appreciate your interest in a Lantana Labradoodles Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle. Once we receive an application, we will contact you regarding how to submit a deposit along with where you are on the waitlist and what the next steps will be.


Reserve A Puppy

Full Name


Zip Code

Phone Number

Your Occupation

How will you care for your puppy while at work?

What are your plans for ensuring your puppy gets exercise?

List any puppy preferences you have (color, sex). 

Please also provide any other information that will help to determine the right litter and puppy for you.

By submitting this form, you accept thefollowing terms.

Thank you for submitting your reservation. We will reach out to you regarding the next steps.

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